January 21, 2022

The Report

Responding to a critical need for teachers in Indiana

Earlier this week, Indiana University President Pamela Whitten illustrated the work IU faculty and staff are doing to address the current shortage of qualified teachers in Indiana. In the latest installment of her "Written by Whitten" newsletter, IU's 19th president spotlighted how IU is partnering with local school districts, both urban and rural, to ensure greater numbers of highly skilled, innovative and caring educators in preschool to 12th grade classrooms. She also underscored the importance of this work to IU's mission to be fully engaged in the communities it serves. "Addressing the need for qualified teachers represents our recognition that we must do our part to strengthen our state and improve lives across Indiana,” she writes. 

Read President Whitten's January 19 newsletter


IU turns 202!

Thursday (Jan. 20) was the 202nd anniversary of IU's founding by the Indiana General Assembly. During its inaugural year, the school featured just one teacher who taught ancient Greek and Latin. The school expanded its curriculum and became Indiana College in 1828 and Indiana University in 1838.

In 2019-2020, IU used its Bicentennial Year to reflect on the university's first 200 years and envision its third century. As part of the Bicentennial celebration, the university created an online interactive exhibit to share items of IU’s history with the public.

Explore the virtual exhibit here


Statehouse Update

The IU State Relations team reviews every bill that is introduced and determines whether and how the bill could impact the University. This Statehouse Update provides a summary of bills the team is tracking and that moved during the third week of the legislative session.

Statehouse Update • January 21, 2022


IU News

State jobs initiative adds 3 IUPUI certificate programs

Three certificate programs offered by the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI are now part of the state's Next Level Jobs initiative to help people gain and improve skills that are needed in the workforce. The certifications added to the Next Level Jobs initiative are medical coding, multi-device development and applied information science/data studies. They are being offered as part of the initiative this spring semester. Full Story


IU joins statewide initiative to ensure more equitable access to health services

IU is partnering with the Indiana Department of Health, Purdue University and dozens of other organizations as part of a statewide initiative to ensure that Hoosiers have better access to the resources they need to improve their health. Full Story


$250,000 gift to IU Northwest helps students shoot for the STARS

The IU Northwest campus recently received a $250,000 gift to support STARS, a peer mentoring program that serves first-year, first-generation students by providing them with mentorship and other support. Full Story


Inaugural venture fellow seeks to expose students to the 'science' of venture finance

At IU, Justuss Boice has been able to combine his eclectic educational interests in biology and finance at IU. Now poised to complete a master’s in finance at the Kelley School of Business in December, the Fort Wayne native is taking on a new challenge, through which he will make a considerable impact on Indiana’s entrepreneurship culture, as the inaugural Venture Fellow for IU Ventures. Full Story


New study shows pathological differences in inherited versus sporadic Alzheimer’s disease

IU School of Medicine researchers are making new discoveries about the pathological changes in people who have inherited Alzheimer’s disease versus developing the disease sporadically. These findings could lead to new ways of preventing and treating the disease. Full Story